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usu library benefit

July 25, 2020
 usu library benefit Will be available to help you use the library's resources and services - you can ask us questions at any time, whether you want to come in person, use the online chat facility,
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 or talk on email and phone. You can also use our list of videos to learn about the essential services provided by usu library. 
Find books in the library
You can find magazines and books in any library box. All books and magazines are organized with the help of letters and numbers under the Congress Library Classification System. The call number of each book is listed on the back.
 The first step: 1
 You can find the call number of any book through the detailed library list
How to find a book in a library?
The first step:2
If you see the e-book Kanshan in the search results, click on it and read the book online by selecting the key option. Learn about availability.

The third step: 1

If it is written about the book, they should enter the information about the branch and call number of the relevant library.

Fourth step: 1

Find out where and when to visit the library branch and its website.

Fifth step: 1

In the main branches of the library you will find a list with elevators in which the call numbers will be listed. There is a detailed map of the arrangement of boxes on each floor.

Step 6: 1

Find the corridor where your desired book is. Find the book in the box with the help of the call number. Here are some pointers that will make it easier for you to read the call number. If you need help, be sure to ask us.

Here's how to find the book in a short video

If you are not in a hurry, you can also apply for a pick-up. can. The library staff will notify you once they have found what you are looking for. This whole process can take up to two [2] business days.

How do I request scanned copies?

McGill's libraries also offer scanning of articles / chapters.

You can request scanned copies of magazines, articles, and book chapters from the library's print collections. These copies will be sent to your McGill e-mail. Check out the instructions here or watch the video.

How do I search for an article's resource?

The archive of the course consists of books and items that your instructor has reserved in the library. You will not find all these books in the library boxes. Find them here, enter the call number of the desired book and find out the location of the branch related to the loan desk of the library. Get more instructions from this video.

How to get things that don't belong to  usu?

With the Inter-Library Loan Service, you can borrow books, magazines and conference papers that are not available at usu library. Get help An application for a book through the Inter-Library is submitted under an online system called 'Colombo' which is used by all libraries in Quebec. Here are some instructions on how to log in to usu to apply